Current News:

Global Connect is going on the following missions:

Jan 23 - Feb 10: China, Korea, Japan
March 13 - 30: China
April 10 - 20: Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam
May 8 – 20: China, Taiwan
Sep 11 - 23: China, Malaysia, Singapore
Oct 9 - 22: India
Nov 5 - 18: China, Thailand, Indonesia

If you have any specific projects for these markets, please contact Global Connect immediately for a free consultation meeting.

Who are we ?

Global Connect is an international consulting firm dedicated to helping Manufacturers  meet and compete with Asia, particularly China.

What can we do for you ?

We bring you to meet your competitors, suppliers and potential customers in Asia, face to face, so that you can control your own future instead of waiting for them to take it from you.

Possible strategies include :

  • Increase Your Revenue by Selling & Exporting Your Product Overseas     
  • Increase Your Competitiveness by Sourcing and OEM Manufacturing       
  • Increase Your Company Value through Strategic Growth or Acquisition                                            

How do we do it ?

  • Global Connect finds the key players of your industry in Asia.
  • Global Connect travels with the President or key Executives to Asia to meet with your top competitors, suppliers and potential customers.
  • Global Connect advises, negotiates, and forges strategic alliances which make sense for your specific company with a goal to preserve your profits and build the value of your business..

Today in manufacturing … Most Roads Lead To China

that is why you need to meet the challenge face to face